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Heavy Duty Pad - Oil & Fuel (400gsm, 480mm x 430mm)

STOREMASTA Heavy Duty Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pad repel water. They will absorb a wide variety of plant and seed oils, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and petroleum-based solvents. Clean up small spills and wipe down tools, equipment or drum tops.


  • Heavy Duty 400gsm
  • Made of melt blown polypropylene with dimples and scrim for greater durability
  • Oil & Fuel pads are hydrophobic which make it ideal for use with spills in waterways, and for use on boats, in marinas, on wet worksites and in or near stormwater outlets
  • Each pad can absorb up to 1L per saturation
  • Undergone extensive testing to ensure their absorbency and performance

Dimensions (mm)

InternalW 430L 480

Other Specifications

Pack Size 100
GSM 400gsm
Material Pad

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