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We're passionate about making life safer and more efficient for the users of dangerous goods.

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Our Story So Far

Storemasta is a family-owned company that has developed innovative, Australian-made dangerous goods storage and handling solutions for over 30 years. Our head office and manufacturing facility is based in the portside town of Burnie in north west Tasmania. With a dedicated team of dangerous goods storage experts, we have the in-depth knowledge of WHS laws and Australian Standards to keep your workplace compliant.

What Drives Us

Helping you come home safely at the end of every day is what drives us to do what we do. With our industry-leading solutions, resources and information, we help protect people, places and properties from chemical hazards.

Storemasta Logo
The 4-Step Methodology

Our proven 4-step methodology simplifies the chemical risk control process so you can take a proactive approach to health and safety matters.

Identify icon Identify

First, identify and locate all materials and substances to create a comprehensive list of chemicals. Then, systematically work your way through the list to determine all of the hazards associated with each product.

Assess icon Assess

Assess the severity of risk by assigning a value from 1-5 for the likelihood and severity of risk, with 1 being the least and 5 being the most. Using the simple calculation Risk = Severity of the outcomes x Likelihood of the incident, or a risk matrix, you can quickly calculate the level of risk — and prioritise each hazard accordingly.

Control icon Control

Control chemical risk in order of priority by following the Hierarchy of Control system. Implement the most suitable control measure to either eliminate the hazard entirely or reduce the chemical risk.

Sustain icon Sustain

Sustain compliance through regular inspections and maintenance. This will include weekly inspections, onsite audits, periodic risk assessments and regular housekeeping and maintenance of your engineering controls.

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Trust is Key

Quality is at the core of everything we do. And as an ISO 9001 certified company, you can feel assured that our quality systems meet the most stringent international standards. We’re independently audited every year, to ensure our policies, procedures and systems are world-class.

  • Storemasta’s company culture reflects six core values: Connected, Loyal, Vibrant, Can Do, Humble and Disciplined. This culture enables our team to deliver solutions through relentless innovation; products that promise unparalleled safety and trusted compliance.

Our People

  • David Urquhart
    David Urquhart Director
  • Caleb Urquhart
    Caleb Urquhart CEO
  • Braden Urquhart
    Braden Urquhart Head of Sales and Marketing
  • Mark Dawson
    Mark Dawson Chief Financial Officer
  • Sam Peiris
    Sam Peiris Assistant Accountant
  • Melissa Hampton
    Melissa Hampton Marketing Manager
  • Leisa Andersen
    Leisa Andersen Content Marketing Manager
  • Patrick Gee
    Patrick Gee Content Creator
  • Nick Schatz
    Nick Schatz Product Design
  • Emily Shin
    Emily Shin Graphic Designer
  • Lincoln Penhall
    Lincoln Penhall Special Project Manager
  • Grant McGuinness
    Grant McGuinness Automation & Machine Programmer
  • Jai Beer
    Jai Beer Draftsperson
  • Craig Ellis
    Craig Ellis Continuous Improvement
  • Steve Ellis
    Steve Ellis Procurement
  • John Weir
    John Weir Major Account Manager
  • Alecia Kemp
    Alecia Kemp Consultant
  • Bethanie Urquhart
    Bethanie Urquhart Consultant
  • Paul Hands
    Paul Hands Consultant
  • Lachie Nilon
    Lachie Nilon Inbound Sales Consultant
  • Talarah Cunningham
    Talarah Cunningham Consultant
  • Karmela Viray
    Karmela Viray Sales Support
  • Ann Neri
    Ann Neri Sales Support
  • Renae Agar
    Renae Agar Administration
  • Chavonne Urquhart
    Chavonne Urquhart Customer Service
  • Kuzziah Kitane
    Kuzziah Kitane Operations and Finance
  • Oliver Buenaflor
    Oliver Buenaflor Customer Service

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