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STOREMASTA is Australia and New Zealand's leading provider of dangerous goods storage solutions.

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STOREMASTA has a wide range of dangerous goods storage products and services that are suited for applications across many different industries in Australia and New Zealand. All STOREMASTA products and services are designed and developed to help organisations reduce risk and improve efficiencies in the storage and handling of hazardous materials and dangerous goods. STOREMASTA has been manufacturing dangerous goods storage products in Australia for over 27 years. Some of the products manufactured by STOREMASTA include; flammable cabinets, dangerous goods storage containers, safety showers and eyewash stations, bunding, safety cabinets and customised dangerous goods dispensing stations. To ensure that their customers dangerous goods storage is safe and complaint, STOREMASTA also provides a number of services such as dangerous goods risk assessments and scheduled dangerous goods maintenance services.

All STOREMASTA dangerous goods storage products and services are designed, manufactured and developed in full conformance to the Australian Standards. This ensures that all STOREMASTA dangerous goods storage solutions are fully compliant with Australian dangerous goods storage regulations and legislations.