gf02 - Forklift LPG store - 2 Cylinder

GF02 Specifications:


GF02 Capacities:

C Size IndustrialD Size IndustrialE Size IndustrialF Size IndustrialR SizeT SizeFreight
1586622National Distribution

Our STOREMASTA® Vehicle Gas Cylinder Storage is a forkliftable unit that holds 2 x T size LPG cylinders. Constructed of heavy duty steel with secure storage and a flexible design that incorporates solutions to various potential OH&S issues encountered when handling large gas cylinders.

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Standard Features

  • Unique compact modules specifically suited to forklift standard LPG cylinders, small LPG cylinders and general purpose cylinders.
  • Heavy duty design with forklift channel and restraining chains.
  • Padlockable door for increased security.

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