ps250a - 250 Litre

PS250A Specifications:


PS250A Capacities:

Max Capacity LShelvesSump Capacity (L)Freight
2502116National Distribution

STOREMASTA® oxidising agent storage cabinet with a 250 litre capacity and featuring the patented SAFE-T-CLOSE® sequential closing system.

A versatile Dangerous Goods storage solution that provides more than mere compliance and suits demanding environments such as mining, defence, heavy engineering shops and many more.

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Standard Features

  • Flagship range of safety cabinets
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  • 25% heavier materials than minimum requirement
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  • Venting option with built-in flash arrestors
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  • Unique spark-proof, self latching locking system with lockable handle
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  • Genuine sump capacities maintained with suspended perforated floor
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  • Drain plug to sump for safe disposal of spills
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  • Continuous stainless steel pin hinging for maximum strength and reliability
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  • Manufactured in Australia
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  • Available in various classes of dangerous goods

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