pr08dbb - 8 IBC - Double Depth

PR08DBB Specifications:


PR08DBB Capacities:

Max Capacity LSump Capacity (L)

The STOREMASTA® Bulkibox range of relocatable bulk dangerous goods stores are an ideal solution for immediate, safe, approved and efficient storage of large quantities of dangerous goods without the problems and expense associated with building fixed stores. Additionally, the Bulkibox range have double the depth of our standard Relocatable so you can store greater capacities on site. The larger depth caters for two IBCs with access from both sides of the unit.

Each store is purpose built to specifically comply with the customer requirements and can include shelving compartments, decanting systems, pump stations, poly bund linings and built-in eyewash facilities.

This STOREMASTA® Bulkibox Relocatable Bulk Dangerous Goods store has a capacity of up to 8000 Litres, and features dual sided access.

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Standard Features

  • Cambered roof for rain water run-off
  • Doors fold back 270° for ease of access and forklift loading and unloading of pallets
  • Dual sided access
  • ISO locking bars for high security
  • Ventilators to suit AS 1940-2004
  • Appropriate warning and safety signage

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