STOREMASTA reveals their new Gas Bottle Trolley!


Gas Bottle Trolley

Safely storing and moving oxy and acetylene kits can now be performed in a more safe and practical manner by utilising STOREMASTA's new gas bottle trolley. The trolley features fork channels, crane lifting attachment and an adjustable handle.

Operators that do oxy-acetylene welding often find themselves working in difficult locations such as ship holds, high-rise buildings and congested construction sites. Therefore, STOREMASTA made their new gas bottle trolley very mobile so that operators can easily transport their oxy-acetylene kits to any location, in an efficient and ergonomic manner.

Our mission is to increase the standard of dangerous goods storage and handling in business of all sizes across the world, and that's what is at the core of this trolleys design.” said STOREMASTA’s Senior Design Engineer. “Whether you have got 2 or 10,000 employees, STOREMASTA’s gas bottle trolley will increase your standards of storing and handling gas cylinders in your workplace.”

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