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Safety compliance is a vital investment

Complying with safety regulations is extremely important. Ensuring you are compliant with all relevant safety regulations will save you money in the long-run. Compliance helps to:

  • Prevent injury to workers
  • Eliminate financial liability due to non-compliance
  • Reduce down-time due to spills and other accidents
  • Improve employee morale by creating a safe working environment
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Safety compliance audits

On-site safety compliance reviews are available to assess your site’s methods of dangerous goods storage. The specific needs of your business are taken in to account and recommendations are made for the most cost-effective solutions to ensure compliance. Not only will we increase your product storage and handling efficiency, we will also help you understand the complex regulations for the storage of the dangerous goods that you stock.

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to the Online Compliance Audit

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On-Site Compliance Audit

Some of the potential hazards we will assess are:

  • Storage and handling of drums,
  • Availability and use of personal protective equipment,
  • MSDS information nearby,
  • Proximity of drainage,
  • Use of correct bunding,
  • Availability of chemical spill kits,
  • Gas cylinder storage,
  • Chemical storage,
  • Adequate protection against spills.
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Flammable Gas

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