PPE Cabinets and Document Storage Boxes

When dangerous goods are stored in the workplace, safety data sheets and personal protective equipment are necessary to help reduce the risks that dangerous goods have people and property in the workplace. Safety data sheets are documents that outlined technical information regarding the hazards associated with the dangerous substances. Personal protective equipment are items that can be worn and used to help reduce the toxic, corrosive and flammability risks that dangerous goods pose upon people. To help make these items easily accessable, STOREMASTA manufactures a range of PPE cabinets and documents storage boxes to allow organisations to keep their PPE and safety data sheets close to the area where dangerous goods are being stored. All ppe storage cabinets, galvanised cabinets and document storage boxes are manufactured to a high standard using only quality raw materials.

SECURE PPE cabinets, Galvanised cupboards AND DOCUMENT BOXES.

Document, equipment, personal protective equipment and general storage options from economical to fully featured units are available. Keep your SDS storage secure with our robust document storage boxes, and manage your PPE storage and use with our efficient, neat PPE storage cabinets.

In nearly every industry, there is a need for secure storage cabinets and boxes. We cater to every industry in Australia, from education facilities that require student file documents, to law enforcement that require secure cabinets for storage of firearms and equipment. For medical and hospitality we also have storage boxes and cabinets for chemicals and personal protective equipment.

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