Bunding - Chemical Bund

Bunding is an efficient and effective solution for handling, containing and decanting dangerous goods. Chemical bunding products will allow you to:

  •   - Mitigate the risk of chemical spills
  •   - Handle bulky drums in a safe and ergonomic manner
  •   - Decant dangerous goods without the risk of contamination

All STOREMASTA bunding products are manufactured in Australia in full conformance to the Australian Standards and dangerous goods regulations. Compliance to the Australian Standards and regulations is essential factor for reducing your risk of financial liability due to non-compliance.

Whether you are storing IBC’s, drums or dispensing hazardous substances, STOREMASTA will have a chemical bund to suit your specific requirements. Each chemical bund is manufactured with a compliant spill containment capacity of 110% of the largest container/drum being stored. This will allow you to ensure that all chemical spills will be contained without harming people, property and the environment. If you have dangerous goods that are frequently used in a manufacturing process, a chemical bund is the perfect containment solution.

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