Safe-D-Cant Polyethylene Storage

Storage and dispensing of various hazardous materials using corrision resistant high density polyethylene. Many features for safe and convenient dispensing are available as well as range of sump capacities.

The SAFE-D-CANT range of oil and chemical bunding systems are of premium quality, super strong and are compliant with all local and national regulations when it comes to spill management in the workplace.

Having your IBCs, drums or containers stored on bunding means that any major spill or incidental leaks are contained before they hit the ground. Chemical bunds protect the workplace and importantly, the staff from contact with any hazardous material stored in your containers.

Many features for safe and convenient dispensing are available as well as range of sump capacities, depending on your chemical storage requirements.

As with all our storage units and buding, they are manufactured of high quality materials and meet Australian Standards. Whatever industry you are in, we are sure to have the right poly bunding or storage cabinet for your needs. Make your drum handling safer and risk free through utilising our drum trolleys, spill pallets and low profile drum bunds. Our IBC poly bunds are ideal for storing your corrosive substances safely right at your point of work, to decant and dispense from with no risk of spills or environmental damage when your utlilising the SAFE-D-CANT poly spill bunding for IBCs. Never run the risk of environmental incidents or spills again with the safe storage provided by a superior range of poly bunds for all applications.

Browse through the range below and if unsure, take advantage of our unique Online Solutions tool. Still stuck? Get in touch with one of our professional staff who will gladly assist you in choosing the right solution for your application needs.