IBC Bund

Dangerous goods spills from IBC’s containing hazardous chemicals pose many risks upon the workplace. To reduce the risk of chemical spills, intermediate bulk containers must be stored on an IBC bund. IBC bunded pallets have a spill containment bund in the bottom of the spill pallet that contains any chemical spills that may occur.

All STOREMASTA IBC bunds and IBC bunded pallets are manufactured in Australia from UV-stable polyethylene. Each IBC bund has a spill containment capacity of 110% of the largest package that can be stored on the bund. If your organisation dispenses chemicals from IBC’s, it is essential to place the Intermediate Bulk Container on an IBC bund to ensure that all spills are contained. If your IBC bunded pallet is kept in the outdoors, you must have IBC bund cover to prevent the IBC bund from filling up with rain water. If the IBC bunded pallet fills up with rain water and overflows, the hazardous chemicals will flow into the environment and cause pollution.

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