Acid Storage Cabinet

Class 8 Corrosive substance such as acids pose significant risks upon the people and property in the workplace. Acids have the ability to dissolved materials such as stone, metal, wood and human flesh. To reduce the risk that acids have upon the workplace, they must be stored in a safe and compliant manner. This can be achieved by storing acids in a complaint acid cabinet that has been manufactured in full conformance to the Australian Standards.

STOREMASTA manufactures a range of acid storage cabinets in full conformance to the Australian Standard AS 3780-2008 - The storage and handling of corrosive substances. Each acid cabinet has a spill containment sump, self-closing self-latching doors, doors that can be opened from within the cabinet, dual-skinned construction, relevant acid storage signage and vent ports for mechanical ventilation systems. If your acid storage situation is unique, STOREMASTA can manufacture a custom acid storage cabinet to suit your specific acid storage requirements.

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